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Get the Basics on Indexed Annuities

Annuity Basics

Annuity Myths & Truths

Fixed Annuity Benefits (Part I)

Fixed Annuity Benefits (Part II)

Fixed Annuity Benefits (Part III)

Annuity Testimonial: Frank New

Annuity Testimonial: David Leeper

Fixed Index Annuity


Knowledge is Power (1)

Penalties (2)

Social Security Analysis

Taxes on Your Benefits (3)

Working While Collecting (4)

Required Minimum Distributions (5)

Life Expectancies (6)


ABC's of Wealth Protection

CD Alternative

Retirement Destiny

Inflation Can Ruin Your Retirement

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Strategy

Three Investment Worlds

Legacy Optimizer / RMD Solution

Red Money / Green Money

Retirement Realities

Transamerica Legacy of Love

The 401K Fallout

NBC News on Life Insurance

Real Life Story: Remle Winand

Wendy Boglioli on Long Term Care

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